Thoughts To Ponder

"Joy is a net of Love by which you can catch souls"
-Mother Teresa

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have good news! So far I have lost 4 lbs. It's a start right.  I haven't been able to exercise like I would like due to illness,  but soon we will all be well.(I hope)  Maleah is still running fever,  and now I am starting to feel a little bad myself.  Right now it is mostly in my head,  but that's how hers started.  Hopefully I'll be able to fight it off,  but we shall see.  Maleah's birthday is Thursday,  I hope we are all well enough to get to have her party.  If not we have enough chili fixings to last us the rest of the month. Say a little prayer for her.  It's no fun to be sick, especially on your birthday.

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